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“Life is made up of little moments of bliss which go by in a blink”…I’m quoting the front page of a blog that I am now following (and I highly recommend) – blinksofbliss.com! Just reading her often witty insights into those rare moments when we can pause and smile before moving on in an otherwise busy, crazy or just plain ordinary day, has become a moment of bliss. Some of my own moments of bliss, particularly in the summer, involve food (OK, maybe not just in the summer). Think about it…

Hand-picked strawberries, still slightly dirty and warm from the sun! Bliss. Watermelon juice streaming down your chin on a heavy and sultry summer day (and spitting seeds). Cherries, berries, peaches…Bliss.

Toasted garden tomato sandwiches or field cucumbers marinated in vinegar…Golden corn on the cob fresh from the local Farmer’s Market, dripping butter. Bliss.

Toasted, golden brown marshmallows with creamy, sticky centres, still hot from a camp fire. Or hot dogs lightly dusted with ash from the campfire, or melted cheese sandwiches before bed, toasted in pie irons in the camp fire. Bliss.

Sitting under a tree in the park, watching Little Guy playing, or swinging on a swing until we’re hot and dirty, and then heading to the store for ice cream cones (mini size for me please). Bliss.

Relaxing by the pool, cool and refreshed, with a good book and a cold glass of lemonade. Bliss.

Anything with chocolate. Bliss.

Just thinking about all that yummy fresh food…B L I S S!!