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I would like to have curled up in a quiet corner away from prying eyes yesterday…even though it only felt like 32C. Tuesday felt like 45C but I spent the day indoors with friends. I taught a Stampin’ Up! workshop in the morning, and we “played” most of the afternoon. I still have a huge pile of dishes to tackle today, but it was a great way to beat the heat.

Yesterday, however, I took a somewhat reluctant Little Guy to the zoo. He really wanted to stay home, watch TV and play Angry Birds all day. That wasn’t happening! We bought a membership to the zoo last year with good intentions, but the time flew by – too busy, too wet, too cold, or just plain too tired. This was our last opportunity to use it.

We started by hopping on the “train” and while we got to see a few animals, like giraffes and flamingos, most were sleeping some place cool…with the exception of the rhino who was sleeping out in the open. We hopped off to see the polar bears, but it took awhile to find them. We went the wrong way despite a map and multiple signs (apparently I am directionally-challenged), and when we got there, Little Guy was more concerned that the train had left without us. Then he was more interested in the machines that emboss pennies than the polar bears. At least I got a couple of great pictures.

We missed the next train so bought some beaver tails while we were waiting. Little Guy had chocolate hazelnut spread on his, while I enjoyed a beaver tail with sugar, cinnamon and lemon. They were still too hot to eat when the next train arrived so we ran for it, and I ended up with melted chocolate all over my dress. Great! We got off the train and sat down with our lunch and the map to plan the rest of our day. I didn’t come to the zoo to play all afternoon in the splash pad!

The Plan: 1) wash Little Guy’s face; 2) hop the train to the African area again to see the white lions and the penguins; 3) hop on the train again to go see the sharks and stingrays; 4) play at the splash pad; 5) gift shop and home. As Little Guy’s teacher liked to say, “Easy Peasy”!

What happened? We managed steps 1-2 without incident. Little Guy was still grumpy but I cheered him up when I pointed out how close he was to a real white lion (OK – there is glass in between), but we could show Daddy the picture.

We found the penguins (bonus: we also saw giraffes and antelope) – you gotta love the waddle.

We missed the train, again, so we went to the gift shop. Little Guy chose his souvenir – you’ll laugh when you see it! (eye roll) We hopped on the train only to find out that it wasn’t going to stop at the stingray place, but if we hopped off where we saw the polar bears, we could walk to it. It was a long, hot walk; we kept going the wrong way. We also kept meeting large groups of zoo daycare campers, and groups of adults on a scavenger hunt (and they were on a mission). I rested my feet on a bench inside the Australian pavilion, beside the jelly fish.

By the time we found the sting rays (beside the splash pad), we were so hot and tired that we didn’t care about seeing anything else. We did find out that had we stayed on the train and gone back to the entrance (where we started), we could have walked to the stingrays in 5 minutes instead of the 45 it took us. Sigh…

Little Guy had a great time in the splash pad, while I tried to keep an eye on him from my perch in the parched grass. It was hard to avoid the geese guano. We finished our day with ice cream before the trip home in rush hour traffic.

Little Guy is in love with his souvenir. He named it “Giraffe Ball” (I’ve mentioned before that he’s not creative when it comes to names). As soon as we got home, he fixed a snack for the two of them. I snapped a picture while he was changing, before I collapsed on the couch for a nap.

This afternoon, we’re meeting one of Little Guy’s friends from school (and the friend’s Nana) for a movie – a nice quiet, cool activity. I’m up for that!