Back in the city and taking another leap this week – this time it’s in a new role at VBS (“Vacation Bible School”). The theme is Sonquest Rainforest and Monday’s creature was frogs!

For the last two years, I’ve worked in the kitchen with a great team, serving snacks to over 160 kids (but not all at the same time)! I also said the “grace” so the kids affectionately gave me the nickname, “the Prayer Lady”. But this year, I was assigned the daunting task of Senior Memory Verse teacher (Grades 2 to 5). I have worked with kids before both in a voluntary and professional capacity, but I still find them intimidating. After all, if you make a mistake or get tongue-tied, most adults will overlook it. Not so with kids! They haven’t yet developed a filter between their brain and their mouth, so nearly everything they think, comes out; they have no inner monologue. Of course, Hubby sometimes accuses me of having no inner monologue.

Anyway, the kids didn’t make any “loopy-loo” comments to me (or about me), so I think it went well. I decided to take the focus off me and onto earning points for their teams. I have 5 classes (20 minutes each – and how the time threatens to drag…), with 2 teams each…and in most cases it’s boys vs. girls! I kept them very busy with different activities for learning the verse – Monday was a card scramble game and a hopping frog recitation game. Today is a Fill in the Blank game and a Hot Jaguar game (instead of hot potato). Some of the leaders don’t participate much while others look at me like I’m a dork, but there are a few who jump in with both feet! We’re having fun…I hope they like to rap? It’s Tuesday but Thursday is coming. I just wish I could have this much fun cleaning the house, catching up on laundry, scrubbing the toilet, cooking…