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It has been an emotionally and physically exhausting week, but it has also had its share of goofy things too.

The Sublime: As many of you know, my Grandfather passed away late last week and I am staying at my parents, along with both of my kids, and my Grandma. Grandma is exhausted and very confused. At first, we had to take turns explaining to her what happened to Grandpa…she remembered that he was gone, but not always what happened. Watching her grieve the loss of her sweetheart of nearly 65 years has been difficult, and when she kissed him good-bye, I nearly fell apart.

The Ridiculous:

(1) Musical Beds: Little Guy & I shared a room this visit and I brought my large electric fan with me to drown out noises. I made him a bed on the floor, but the first night he crawled into my bed and went to sleep. My Dad moved Little Guy, but he crawled back in with me shortly after I went to bed. After 3 hours of being punched in the face…a lot, and having my hair pulled…I curled up on the floor and got a couple of hours of sleep. The next night I put Little Guy to bed in my bed, and he moved himself to the floor…with all 5 pillows! He crawled in again the third night, but he behaved, and has since gone to sleep in my bed and my Dad does a “body dump” (i.e., moves Little Guy back to the floor bed) when I’m ready to sleep. The room is so full we can hardly move around, but we are making it work!

(2) Showers & Spiders: I confess I’m scared of spiders… Little Guy knows it so I’m trying not to make a big deal around them. I tell them that if they stay put, I’ll leave them alone, but the big Daddy Long-Legs who was hanging out over the shower stall didn’t listen. I thought it was brave of me to even get into the stall and start my shower, but when the spider started moving around, I left in a big hurry. What to do? I grabbed a towel and went looking for my Dad, but he was busy. Plan B: I’ll have to brush it away from the shower stall and deal with the consequences of where it went later (particularly with respect to the pajamas I’m going to put on). So there I am, holding my “tiny” towel (at least that’s how it felt) in front of company, next to my great-aunt, who is holding a dog on a leash, while we both try to force the hall closet doors open so I can get the broom to brush it down. Fortunately Dad came to the rescue!

3) LOL Moment: My brother and I shared a good laugh out loud moment in the middle of my Grandfather’s wake…my cousins were giving us weird looks, but it was too hard to stifle it. This old gentleman came in that we knew from way back, wearing light blue plaid pants, hiked up under his armpits, and held up with suspenders. My brother said, “Only so-and-so could get away with those pants”. Maybe you had to be there…

And finally….
4) Pants: Big Guy came on Monday morning in time for the wake. He brought at least 4 loads of stinky laundry, as well as his dress shoes, shirt, tie, suit jacket…and no pants! Did I mention he was a pall-bearer? I think his pants got tired of waiting at the bottom of a large load of laundry, so they got up and walked away. We found a clean t-shirt and shorts for Big Guy to wear to the wake, and I’ve been doing a load a night for the rest of the week. That meant Tuesday morning (the day of the funeral), at 8 a.m., we were heading to the one store in town that might have dress pants in Big Guy’s size. As I am checking the racks, one pair at a time, I was praying. They all seemed to be large waists and short legs! Blessings – we found one pair that would fit with a belt. It would be tempting to assume that story ends here, but not so! Big Guy brought a belt but it must have been from his Grade 8 graduation – it was at least 6″ too short. My Dad had to punch holes in one of his belts, and they mustn’t have found the correct spot the first time…or the second time. We were standing by the door, ready to head to the funeral home while my Dad is thumping away downstairs with a hammer. Who comes to a funeral with no pants?

I am heading back to the city this weekend. It’s been a long week, but while we have cried together, we have certainly laughed together too. It’s all part of gathering as a family to celebrate.