Dear Hubby,
Happy Sweet 16th Anniversary! Some days it doesn’t seem possible that so much time has passed, while other days it seems much longer! I can hardly remember life before “us” except that it was filled with insecurity, hard work, and loneliness.

Our life hasn’t always been a perfect picnic – there have been little annoying pests, bumpy ground, rain, and some pretty big storms, but by the grace of God we have weathered them together. There have been times when I loved you passionately, and times when I loved you, but I didn’t like you…I hold no grand illusions that you have never felt that way about me too. I have not always been loving, encouraging, or supportive. I have not always made it easy for you to love me back. I can be competitive, strong-willed, emotional, and sometimes a little psychotic! Do you remember our “nicknames” when we didn’t see each other for weeks, and we communicated via “snail mail”? I was “Neurotic” and you were “Twisted”! You once told me you loved me because I was “weird” – I still take it as a compliment!

I admire your faithfulness to me and your dedication to our marriage. I admire your integrity and hard work in a job that you don’t always like. It has allowed me to devote myself more to our home and family, and given me the opportunity to draw closer to God, and to develop and use some of my gifts for Him. Thank you.

I pray for you daily. I promise to keep working on being a godly wife and mother. I love you more with every passing year.

Every year I post these lines on Facebook. They are from the last song we danced to on our wedding day, and my commitment to you.

So until that day when one of us has to lay the other in the arms of Jesus
I will be with you and you will be with me…
This world will turn and the seasons will change
But there’s nothing we can’t get through
As long as we both hold on to the hand of God and each other and take a lifetime to love and learn.
-Steven Curtis Chapman, Love and Learn

I am still, and always will be,
Your Wild Irish Rose