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Marriage is like a 3-legged race. You are tied together, and must work together as one unit in order to get the job done smoothly; otherwise, you end up pushing and pulling each other roughly, and eventually get knocked off the course! This profound little nugget came to me as I was lying in bed last night, thinking through all we had accomplished in our busy weekend. I was too tired to sleep.

Little Guy had an “end of school” sleepover at his karate dojo Saturday night (but it ended at 11 p.m.) so it was a great opportunity for Hubby & I to share a long overdue “Date Night”. I can’t remember the last time we even went on a date. After we dropped Little Guy off, we went out for dinner, browsed in a book store, went to a movie, and then out for ice cream. It was wonderful to connect again, and I trust we won’t wait so long for another date night. We held hands, we talked about things other than what we have to do this week, and shared a box of Glossettes (yes, I occasionally share chocolate…occasionally).

It was way past my bedtime when we got home Saturday night, and we had to be up early Sunday morning. The worship band was playing and Hubby was doing sound. I also had to finish preparing and packing a picnic lunch for the Annual Church Picnic. It was an overcast afternoon, and even spit at us from time to time, but we didn’t let it dampen our spirits. My favourite part was the kids’ games, which is where the idea of 3-legged races comes in…I had to run a race with Little Guy. The old adage “Slow and steady wins the race” worked in our favour. He is too heavy for me to pick him up and run, so we had to plod along. While we weren’t among the first to cross the finish line, we did complete the entire race and we were awarded second place. Little Guy loved the candy hunt. We also participated in an egg & spoon race, and the egg toss (I’m a pro). And no, we did not use hard boiled eggs. Yuck!

By the time 6 o’clock rolled around, I was ready for my pre-bedtime nap on the couch. I worked hard and played hard all weekend. Mornings and I don’t see eye to eye, mostly because this morning my eyes don’t want to open, but it’s time to strap up and head into another busy week. Happy Monday!