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My life is like a puddle, serene and calm
It reflects the beauty around me
I am happy.

But every now and then, someone rudely sticks their finger in
They cause ripples in the surface and distort my view
It is hard to see clearly between the waves, snatches of the former views wash away
I am frightened.

The ripples have faded now and the puddle resumes its glassy surface
But I still keenly feel them, though less with time
I am weary.

The ripples are a warning
Someone can stick their finger in again if I am not prepared
I am uncertain.

They are also a reminder – it was God who created my puddle, God who allowed the ripples, and God who restored it to peace – He is my Sovereign
I am comforted.

I can survive the ripples, the fluctuations, the changes
I can choose to be forever changed by them, not defined by them
I am free.

The puddle will never look the same
But if I pause and look again, I can see something reflected there
Something that is even more beautiful
And I am blessed.