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I think we can agree that a woman in a sundress, standing on one foot, while the other holds up the toilet seat, plunging furiously is not a sexy sight! Yup! That was not exactly the highlight of my afternoon. This led to a reflection on my “practical” Christmas wish list.

Instead of a fuzzy robe or bubble bath, I would like a toilet that flushes when you really need it to do so. It would also be nice to have a sink that drains faster than molasses in January.

While I’d love to renovate my entire 1970’s kitchen, I would settle for one more outlet so I don’t have to alternate using the toaster and the kettle in the morning.

A couple of years ago, we bought a wonderful, energy efficient ceiling fixture (fan/light) for Little Guy’s room. But, when the bulbs started to blow, we found out that we couldn’t replace them easily…and the cost to do so was more than a replacement fixture. I would like a light that I can turn on at the door, rather than venturing into a dark room fraught with dangers, like little building blocks and cars.

I’m not even sure how to address the bald patch on our front lawn…

While composing my list, I did realize that a number of items have already been checked off. We replaced our 1990’s chunky television in January (see Entering a Guy’s World), as well as the TV shelf that was sagging badly in the middle…due to the 1990’s chunky television. We threw out the 3 VCRs that ate tapes…2 of those VCRs had DVD players as well…which only worked when they were “in the mood”.

Hubby fixed the knob in shower that you have to lift to make the shower work…I nearly threw my back out several times trying to get it all the way up so that water wasn’t spraying out the faucet and the shower head. It’s embarrassing to be an adult who requires another adult to start the shower for you, and very frustrating when you’re home alone and need to take a shower.

Hubby also patched the hole on back porch right where I stand to hang out the clothes. A few years ago he also replaced the concrete steps at the front, the ones that I fell through. A 300 lb man walked down those steps, and half an hour, I walked up them (at 115 lbs) with groceries and went straight through. It hurt!

I can live with my salmon pink and sea foam green 1960’s bathroom, the shelves under the basement stairs that are made up of old cupboard doors, and the blinds that I’ve wanted to replace for over 10 years. I can live with the cigarette burns in the hard word floor in my bedroom (from the previous owner) and I’ve learned to stand on a short stool to see into the microwave. A whole new house would wonderful, but let’s not go crazy. Really, a toilet that flushes when you need it to would be fabulous!