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I will be happy if I don’t see another cupcake for a few weeks! Despite the heat, I baked 5 dozen rainbow chip cupcakes Saturday night.  Sunday morning, I had the daunting task of transporting all 5 dozen cupcakes to the church, taking care that the sticky tops didn’t stick to the top of the assorted containers and plastic wraps. But it was worth it!

Yesterday was the Secret Pal lunch at church – the great “reveal”! It’s a wonderful program where members of the senior group are paired with the Sunday School kids in Junior Kindergarten to Grade 3. The “secret pals” (the seniors) pray for their kid, as well as share little cards and gifts with them through the school year…but the kids have no idea who their secret pal is until the luncheon in June.

The Sunday School teachers set up tables with beautiful decorations and bright napkins. Each kid decorated a glass vase and filled them with daisies – a gift for their pal. Most parents were asked something to contribute to the lunch – pickles, cheese, juice, veggies & dip, fruit trays, and sandwiches – egg salad, chicken salad, cream cheese and salmon, ham & cheese spinach wraps – so good! In my case, 5 dozen cupcakes!

Unfortunately Little Guy’s secret pal was sick, but his wife (who was the secret pal to someone else) was able to pass on his regrets, and we will get a picture of the two of them another day. One of the Dad’s helped us with the games we played before the big finale – decorate your own cupcakes!

The icing was runny so Little Guy came up with an inventive way to eat his cupcake and keep his fingers from getting sticky – he mushed his face into his cupcake and ate without his hands. You can just imagine how well his face fared. I had to wash icing out of his eyebrows! I made a pig cupcake like the green pigs in the Angry Birds game. So much for my creativity yesterday!

Little Guy was a big help in the kitchen before his class with preparing some of the food: he counted as I set up the trays of cupcakes, he helped distribute the candies (smarties, jelly beans, gummies and licorice whips) in the bowls, and he decorated a sample cupcake to display. He was also a great help after lunch, picking up dishes to take to the kitchen, and playing quietly while I helped wash up the dirty dishes.

On the plus side, I was able to send home most of the leftover cupcakes with other families…I don’t want to see them and I don’t want to eat them! I’ve had enough sugar to last me the rest of the week….famous last words!