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Before I (start to) tackle my closet, I thought it would be fun to review how my wardrobe developed, before I see what I’m wearing now reveals now about my “inner turmoil”. If you’re just tuning in, on Friday, I talked about “Closet Psychology” – how what you are wearing can “reveal your inner turmoil”!

My “style” as kid was heavily influenced by Little House on the Prairie: old-fashioned dresses with ruffles, ribbons and rosettes. I wore lacy knee socks; I wore shoes with straps. I liked ringlets and curls, so my Mom patiently tied my spastic hair in rags every Saturday night. Anything sparkly, silky and satiny also caught my eye! If it was “prim and proper”, I was there! So what if my 3 best friends up until Grade 6, were boys and we played games like Swamp Monster? I liked climbing trees (yes, in a skirt). Hubby often tells me, “you’re so ‘lady-like'”!

In a small town, choices were limited…so was the budget. There was no demand for brand names or the latest fashions, or if there was, I was oblivious to it! A lot of my clothes were hand-me-downs from a friend a couple of years older than me…some of those items were hand-me-downs to her too. But it didn’t matter.

Then I discovered boys (very early on)…and I “developed” (very early on)…but I was more concerned with hair and make-up! Big Guy was born a few months before my 17th birthday, and after being “fat” (in my mind, and only in my mind) for 9 months, I really wanted something new and pretty. And so it began…shopping!!! My Mom taught me how to be a frugal shopper so I gravitated to the “sale”, “clearance” and “great bargain” signs. I also shopped in a lot of second-hand stores, before places like Value Village became popular. By college, I had a closet full of mismatched items that didn’t really go with anything, and didn’t really express my personality…I should mention I was still channelling Pollyanna!

“You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl”! I moved to the big city and started working in a downtown law office The women at work were sophisticated and elegant, they were all “put together”, not a hair out of place, perfect nails, flawless make-up. I was in a whole new world, one that was very foreign to me. And the prices in the stores were beyond anything I had ever seen. I had never spent more than $20 on a pair of shoes, an expensive blouse was $30…what do you mean that simple shift dress is $300!?!?

Ok, I confess, I have yet to spend more than $100 on a dress, a purse or a pair of frivolous shoes! The “frugal shopper” trend continues to this day, but…I have learned to be more “choosy” in my selections. Just because it’s on sale, doesn’t mean that I must buy it. Just because it has roses and ruffles, and it’s made of chiffon…ok, I confess! I still buy things sometimes just because it’s on sale and I’m sure I can find something to go with it later. But I do it less often! (I think)

These days I wear a lot of t-shirts and jeans…I’m “retired” after all…why do I have to dress up to get groceries or buy stamps? I don’t wear yoga wear or any lycra/stretch knit items so it can’t be all that bad, can it? …what inner turmoil will my closet reveal…? Stay tuned!