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I worked in my garden yesterday for 3 ½ hours, but you really can’t see much of a difference. I started by weeding around my peony, and thinning out my wild geraniums. When the sun came around and the honey bees started buzzing, I buzzed off too – to the other side where I hacked and slashed, and worked up a pretty good sweat. The hidden yellow spurge sadly, did not survive the winter. By afternoon, I had prepared enough space to plant 2 bulbs and transplant some rudbeckia. I was too tired to change before I went to the school to get Little Guy, and I’m sure I was quite a sight – muddy knees, sandy shirt, and fluffy hair with little bits of dirt and sticks.

While working away, I started to compile a short list of “Dos”, “Don’ts”, “Things I need to Remember”, and “Signs that it’s Time to Take a Break”. Feel free to add to them.


  1.  Step on the toes of your sneakers (if you left them out overnight like I did) – you never know who may have moved in overnight
  2. Wear shoes and clothes that fit properly…no one wants to see “plumber bum” in nature.
  3. Put your hair up – nothing tastes worse than muddy hands picking hair out of your mouth
  4. Hydrate often
  5. Wear sunscreen and a hat
  6. Respect the living things – it’s your garden, but their home.


  1. Mistake your ipod cord for a spider or ant and freak out
  2. Sing too loud out loud – your neighbour might be home after all
  3. Get your hair stuck in the tree
  4. Hit your foot with the shovel or spade – it hurts!

Other things to remember:

  1. Spiders can climb trees
  2. Ants can bite
  3. Bumblebees are territorial and aggressive

You know it’s time to head inside for a break when:

  1. Your arms and/or legs feel like jell-o
  2. The same BIG spider is running at you repeatedly
  3. You’re too tired to skip the Christmas carols on your ipod
  4. The “eau de skunk” starts wafting more heavily in the breeze

I still have weeks of work ahead of me, but I am determined to win this year!!