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Every Spring, I enthusiastically vow that this will be the year that I win the war on the weeds…and every year I fail miserably, long before June. I keep working away at it when I’m home in the summer, but I always, always, always lose! The usual things have been against me: high humidity, time, health (arthritis and bad back), and let’s be honest, plain old lack of motivation. It’s hard to stay motivated when you keep digging up the same patch week after week. Little Guy likes to dig too, and every year he picks out his own spot. This year, he’s picked a spot in the front yard where everyone can see it, but since that flower bed is full of gravel anyway (we had our driveway paved last summer and they left a mess), I’m not going to worry about it too much!

While there are a few highlights in my garden at the moment…

…there are also some very overgrown places…

…as well as places that are full of hardy weeds waging war…and winning!!! Can you see the yellow spurge?

Me neither! I bought some garden cloth to put down in the worst flower bed, but it’s still sitting on the back porch. If I can hack and slash enough to lay the cloth, I might just strike a blow. These things are now up to my knees and with several days of rain in the forecast, I suspect they’ll just keep growing. It looked like rain yesterday but it only teased me. The snails and spiders are in heaven. I’ll keep working on it…and of course, Spring will come around again next year!