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My friend (of many years) posted this on Facebook yesterday, and I thought it was hilarious. I could relate on SO many levels. I asked her I could repost and she said “yes”, so for the first time, I have a “guest blogger”! Enjoy!

FORTUNATELY, I had a nice evening at 4Worship, then to Timmy’s with my friend.
UNFORTUNATELY, I had a Cafe Mocha which made me not-so sleepy.
FORTUNATELY, there were people interested in things I have posted online for sale.
UNFORTUNATELY, I got carried away with posting more things and responding to messages till 1am.
FORTUNATELY, my bed felt so good when I laid down.
UNFORTUNATELY, A. crawled into my bed around3:30a.m.
FORTUNATELY, I was able to doze off again.
UNFORTUNATELY, there was a thunder storm that woke E. up.
FORTUNATELY, I was able to settle her by lying in her bed for a bit.
UNFORTUNATELY, sharing a single bed with no pillow is not so comfy!
FORTUNATELY, when A. had to pee, he got out of my bed.
UNFORTUNATELY, he missed the toilet, so when I went to pee I stepped in a puddle.
FORTUNATELY, I found a towel to clean it up quickly.
UNFORTUNATELY, E. still wasn’t sleeping.
FORTUNATELY, after staying for a little while longer, she agreed to go back to sleep on her own.
UNFORTUNATELY, A. was back in my bed.
FORTUNATELY, I was able to convince him to go back to his own bed at 5a.m.
UNFORTUNATELY, the birds were singing their hearts out by this time.
FORTUNATELY, I was able to get back to sleep.
UNFORTUNATELY, I hit the snooze button too many times.
FORTUNATELY, the kids were all up by the time I pried my eyes open.
UNFORTUNATELY, it was then 7:45 (school bell rings at 8:35).
FORTUNATELY, all three kids cooperated and got dressed while I made their breakie.
UNFORTUNATELY, A. spilled cereal and milk in the hallway (what was he doing in the hallway with his cereal bowl on his head anyway?)
FORTUNATELY, we made it to school when the second bell rang.
UNFORTUNATELY, A. had no hat.
FORTUNATELY, I have no kids for a few hours.
UNFORTUNATELY, there’s a mountain of dishes and a long to-do list.