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It’s my 100th blog post, and I was going to write about blogging – how original! I set aside time, I “researched my stats”, and then I realized…I had a chocolate bar in my hand a few hours ago, unwrapped and ready to savour. It had been in my purse, in an open package, slightly melty from being in a hot car. Oh no! Little Guy was coming down the stairs, and I didn’t want to share…so I put it some place safe with the full intent of coming back to it. I even hid the packaging (aka the evidence). And yes! I’m still having an affair, but not with the frequency of a few weeks ago. O Henry caught me off guard in the grocery store. Confused? Check out Confession #3. But back to my dilemma….I started to search the obvious places like the kitchen cupboards. Could I have set it on a plate or bowl inside? Did I put it on the counter and cover it up with a tea towel?

Eventually I had to confess to Hubby that there was a naked chocolate bar in the house, and that I had absolutely no clue where it went. Hubby has the amazing knack of finding things that I can’t see, and which are usually in plain sight. Don’t ask about the vinegar! It’s an annoying trait, to say the least, and Hubby is so proud of it! That’s annoying too.

With Hubby on the case, I settled down to work on my blog, still hungering for my chocolate. He found it in less than 3 minutes…in the fridge, in a bowl on top of the egg carton. Ok, that’s a new place! And now it was a solid chunk chocolate, and I had to wait for it to warm up before I could eat it. And now I have to share.

So here’s what I can tell you in 30 seconds. I’m love writing – the whole process of it, from looking for inspiration to researching, to putting the words together coherently. I have a constantly conversation in my head. I check my stats way too often. I get really excited when someone “likes” my blog and when someone in a new country stops by (I’m up to 26 countries). I’ve met some amazing people with all kinds of passions, interests, senses of humour and styles – I look forward to meeting more!

My top 3 posts are:
(1) Chocolate Bunny Psychology!! I find it rather alarming that the most searched phrases all relate to chocolate bunny psychology (i.e., the psychology of eating a bunny, usually ears vs. tail first);
(2) Death of a pair of shoes – I guess there are a lot of people who can relate; and,
(3) Grannies gone wild! – does that mean there are more wild grannies out there than I realized? Shouldn’t we be more afraid?

There have been other searches that make me curious, like:
(1) “Will do anything for chocolate pjs” – why haven’t I heard of chocolate pjs before, and where can I get some!?!
(2) “I am about to wet my pants” – do I really want to know….?
(3) “Some days my shoes hurt so bad that I don’t think I can take another step” – I’m sorry your shoes hurt, usually it’s my feet that hurt…

I started this blog on a bit of a whim, setting the daunting goal of 5 posts a week. I’m still meeting them. Maybe I should have started smaller, but here I am at Happy 100! Thanks everyone!