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If I don’t post on Monday, you will know that I have perished in my latest adventure. I wish you all the very best, and I have so enjoyed becoming part of the blogging community. I have met many interesting people, with eclectic passions, and I have been richly blessed by you. Thank you!

Hubby took the day off and is very excited that I agreed to go mountain biking with him. He took it up last year as either part of his mid-life crisis, or his brothers…? I’m not really sure.

Last summer, we all bought new bikes and I did ride mine…for maybe a minute. I can’t tell you when I rode a bike before that. I used to ride my bike a lot when I was a kid. I loved to fly down the hills, and when I got older, I would take long leisurely rides along the country road on the outskirts of town. Then Big Guy came along and all my energy went into school and keeping up with him! And when we moved to the city, I was terrified of taking my bike out even on the sidewalks. I remember running behind Big Guy teaching him to ride, and in high school, he confidently rode on the city streets.

So, over 20 years later, my red 10-speed bike is still sitting in the shed, totally seized up. Hence, the new bike. I’ve been slowly seizing up over the years too, and I’m curious to see just how well this adventure goes. It could be good for a laugh. I’ll pack a book and a snack in case I don’t get too far – I can always sit in the car while Hubby does his run. I have no issues with peeing in the bushes. Otherwise, I’ve given him permission to bury my body in the woods – it would be easier than trying to drag me up and down the hills, although I’m close to 10 lbs lighter than last year. He might come back for me….we’ll never know.