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A strong woman is a woman who carries the burdens of her hurting world on her shoulders –
the broken heart of a friend,
the shattered dreams of a child.

She laughs with those who laugh, and cries with those who cry.

She desires for her home to be a sanctuary for her family. She binds the broken hearted, she encourages the weary and she presses on in the race of daily life.

She is bleeding and bruised inside, with a smile on her lips and a hug in her arms. She goes unappreciated, unnoticed, sometimes reviled, ridiculed, sometimes rejected…but she goes on because she loves deeply.

A strong woman carries her burdens to God daily, knowing that He alone can be trusted to see her…to see how very weak she is in her own strength, and how very strong she is in Him.

“I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” Phil. 4:13
*September 5, 2003