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What a blast! I will never be a rock star, but I kind of felt like one on the weekend. Our Saturday evening worship service went well, and I’ve only heard positive comments and requests to host one again. Yes, Murphy’s Law was at work and there were a few hitches, most notably: (1) our lead singer was not available for a last practice and sound check…but she’s very solid and we can trust our sound guy; (2) our dramatist lost her voice…but we played a very moving video of a skit instead; (3) the worship leader forgot to pray between set 1 and 2, to give me time to move from the piano to the platform…so I walked part way, did the reading, then climbed the stairs and took my position, and, (4) the one guitar player and I found out we had music for our duet in different keys right before start time…in time for me to print a copy, but not in time to run through it. It’s a good thing I can sight read!

We played 3 sets, the middle set being an acoustic set and I got to sing on the platform. It’s the first time I haven’t been able to safely hide behind the piano in the corner. Knowing this, I took the time to curl my hair, put on make-up (which I haven’t really bothered doing in a few years), and I wore a new top (hurriedly shopped for Friday afternoon) and skinny jeans that at least made me feel like I looked…well, skinny. No one need enlighten me if I failed. And, of course, I wore my sassy green boots!

The best part was that Big Guy (who was our sound guy), Big Guy’s best friend (who Little Guy used to tell people this guy was his other brother), 2 cousins (one of whom I didn’t know was coming) and a childhood friend came too. It was wonderful to see their friendly faces! It was like I had my own team of cheerleaders! We went out for tea after and we stayed out way past our bedtime! I had a terrible time settling down to sleep, and I think it was all the excitement, not the caffeine.

In the end, my voice didn’t fail, no giant zit appeared at the end of my nose, and I didn’t trip on the stairs. Instead, we had an amazing evening of worship, music, and laughter! Murphy’s Law didn’t prevail- what a great night!