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I’ve got the bug – the “Spring Cleaning Virus” and once it takes hold, it’s hard to shake. The symptoms are: bursts of energy; an increased ability to spot unsightly piles, dust bunnies, finger prints, and sticky smudges; and, an overwhelming need to sort, pile or just plain pitch items in your path. Children – beware! Spouses – be warned! After months of hibernation and days of imposed lethargy from various colds and “bad weather” days, the dreaded Spring Cleaning Virus is hitting unsuspecting homemakers in full force!

Hubby and Little Guy were busy this weekend, putting together the new TV unit that we bought last weekend. It’s been waiting patiently in a box in the middle of the living room all week. But in order to place the new unit in its new home, I had to unload the old unit of its books, games, photo albums and DVDs. The new unit is also longer, which meant the bags and bins of assorted toys, building materials, and little cars had to move. I have a lot of displaced and homeless items to deal with. The scattered mess finally overwhelmed me, and yesterday morning I started to clean! I was almost disappointed when I had to set my broom and dust pan aside to go out for lunch with a friend, and to get Little Guy from school.

The biggest difficulty was deciding where to begin. One guide recommended starting spring cleaning by “spring cleaning” your life, not your house…but I’m not sure that my life is as messy as my house right now! So I picked a corner, and not just any corner. I picked the corner that I have dubbed (in my mind) Hubby’s corner. That’s because it’s right beside his side of the couch and it’s where he has stacked his laptop, assorted important computer-related papers, and assorted computer-related gizmos (cords and such)!

After removing the “debris” from the side table (including the lamp and plant) and dusting it everything, I moved the side table right out of the space. Then I tackled the pile of “debris” on the floor. I weeded out my stuff but will have to let Hubby sort through his own. The dust bunnies had been subdued and the stickys had been washed off the side table. Of course, the old TV unit is still in the living room – in the same place that the box sat all last week. I’m not sure when it will find a new home, but for now, it can live in the middle of the room.

Today I will have to tackle the bench (next to Hubby’s corner and in front of the window). The purpose of the bench is two-fold: seating and storage (toys and music books) but lately it has been used to store toys, papers and more computer-related gizmos on its surface. There is a method to my madness – if I can get in the bench, I can sort through the toys, and perhaps make room for the assorted baskets, bins and bags lying…well, everywhere! The madness has enveloped me and I intend to let the Spring Cleaning Virus have full control until I have tackled every room in my house. Wish me luck!