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So I was still riding high after my rock ‘n roll session with the piano, and I got cocky. Amazingly, I turned a cooking disaster into a success!

Late last week I cooked pasta for supper…but I cooked the whole box. Please don’t ask me what I was thinking – I cannot tell you! But one box of pasta makes a LOT of pasta. I made our casserole and put the remainder in the fridge, but what to do with it! Who doesn’t love Mac ‘n Cheese? So I made some…from scratch…without a recipe. If you’ve read any of my blogs, you will have noted by now that 1) I don’t like cooking; and 2) I suck at cooking…even with a recipe!

I started by melting a couple tablespoons of margarine in a pot (I didn’t actually measure anything) and sautéed half an onion until it was golden brown. While it was sautéing, I thought I remembered seeing a little baggie with bacon in the freezer, so I stuck my head and started to dig. Found it – thawed it in the microwave. Everything’s better with a little bacon on it! Once the onion was done, I fried the bacon in Hubby’s omelette pan (I promise – I was very careful and I only used soft, non-metallic utensils). I put it on the cutting board and blotted it with a paper towel before I cut it up. I know that hardly reduces the amount of fat in the bacon, but it eases my conscience just a little. Since there were only 4 slices of bacon, and Hubby is a carnivore, I also cut up some packaged ham.

I added about 1.5 tablespoons of flour in a mug, as well as several dashes of dry mustard, and added milk. Stir it well to remove lumps. I poured some plain milk into my pot of golden onions before I added the mug mixture and carefully brought it all to a boil. I’ve had milk boil over before and it makes a big, stinky mess that is hardly limited to one day!

Finally, I stirred in about a cup of grated cheese – I mixed old cheddar and extra old cheddar – as well as my meats, then poured the sauce over my casserole dish of cooked pasta. Bake in the oven at 400 degrees F for about half an hour. I didn’t have any more time than that.

It was delicious. Even Little Guy had to admit he liked it…once I pointed out the bacon. It’s kind of sad that his preference in Mac ‘N Cheese comes from a little square box and a powdered package of orange cheese-flavoured dust. I think Hubby liked it too – the whole casserole dish was empty and washed on the stove when I got home from karate. I was looking forward to more but “too bad, so sad”!

Ok, I realize it’s not a soufflé or foie gras, or any other fancy meal, but I say nothing beats home made comfort food, and my “mean” Mac ‘N Cheese just fit the bill. I am choosing to celebrate the small accomplishments, because, goodness knows, there have been a lot of disasters…and there will be far more in the future!