I confess, I was bored. Having spent another day basically on the couch, feeling crummy, I needed a distraction, so I tried some online quizzes…but if laughter is the best medicine, then this was good medicine.

I learned that I’m only 50% normal and I am borderline insane. OK, I can accept that!

What famous celebrity would date you? Apparently Johnny Depp or Jude Law – if I was single, I wouldn’t say no! The “quiz master” said “you are very lucky to have such a personality and you must be very proud of yourself. Carry on like this and we’ll see you dating someone famous really soon”. Too bad they didn’t explain what kind of personality I have, and carry on like what? I’m confused….next quiz!

What’s my personality type? I was scored as a “Giver” – I strive to maintain harmony in relationships, and I usually succeed (I can buy that). I’m loving, supportive, articulate and enthusiastic, and good at making personal connections (maybe). Sometimes I idealize relationships too much – and end up being let down (okay). I find the most energy and comfort in social situations … where I shine. Okay, at this point I laughed so hard I nearly wet my pants…I am very uncomfortable in social situations. I have always been the wallflower, content to work hard in the background, but secretly wishing someone would notice my efforts. Moving on… How do I see myself: Trusting, idealistic, and expressive. When other people don’t get me, they see me as: Bossy, inappropriate, and loud. That was good for another laugh!

I did the Which Disney Princess are you twice – I’m either Belle or Jasmine. That didn’t tell me much, so I took the What type of princess are you? Quiz. It described me as “just and fair, a perfectionist with a strong sense of proper decorum. You are very attracted to chivalry, ceremony and dignity. For the most part you are rather sensible, but you are also very idealistic. Role Models: Guinevere, Princess Fiona” I was liking this. Then it added, “You are most likely to get kidnapped by a stray dragon”. Well, that information helps – now I don’t need to do the “How are you going to die” quiz!

Getting bored, I picked one more quiz: What Hollywood Star Are You? I didn’t mind the pick – Elizabeth Taylor! Apparently “no one is as timeless as you. You catch the eye of every man with your stunning beauty, fabulous features and sex appeal. In fact, you are so beautiful that some people have called you otherworldly… shall we say, a goddess? You are destined for unparalleled fame and you’re constantly photographed, but unlike many women, you love it. You will have many personal struggles in your life, but you will also have many husbands and lovers. You will live a long life and die a legend”. By this time, I was laughing so hard, I nearly fell off the couch. I don’t think my “beauty” has ever caught the eye of any man. In fact, I asked Hubby later if my “stunning beauty, fabulous features and sex appeal” attracted him. He smiled sweetly and said “not looking that”! In his defence, I was wearing a fluffy pink robe at the time. Can’t goddesses wear fluffy pink robes? I am rarely in photos – usually because I’m the one taking the pictures. And finally, one husband and lover is more than enough for me – thanks!

That was just the kind of feel-good “high note” I needed to quit wasting my time! Once in awhile, it’s kind of fun to take a quiz and see how well you know yourself.