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“What you doin’ on your back aah/ What you doin’on your back aah?/ You should be dancing, yeah!” I should have been dancing…after all, it was Friday night and I had another busy week under my belt.

But instead of dancing to this Bee Gees 1976 song, I was curled in the fetal position, in bed under a thick duvet – trying not to freeze to death! And it was only 6 p.m. Apparently, Hubby shared his dose. We’re not sure how, having sanitized religiously and maintained a “wide perimeter/no contact” policy. By 7, Little Guy was curled under a blanket on the couch, complaining he was cold. By 7:30, I was finally drifting off, toasty warm when Little Guy crawled in with me for a bedtime story. Hubby knew he was “on deck” for the bedtime ritual, but Little Guy still crawled in bed with me and firmly slapped his ice berg feet on my bare, steamy calves. I’m sure my piercing shriek sent flocks of birds to flight within a 5 mile radius of our home. I’m surprised this phenomenon didn’t make the 11 o’clock news – not that I was awake to watch it.

Little Guy and I spent the next day curled up at either end of the couch. Saturday Night Fever: “I got fire in my mind/ I got higher in my walkin’/ And I’m glowin’ in the dark; I give you warnin'” (Hey look – another Bee Gees song. I had no idea! I’ve never listened to them and I’ve scored 2)! Little Guy and I spent Sunday on the couch as well, although I managed to do a few dishes and a few loads of laundry. And I showered…which means I was starting to feel human again!

It’s Monday and we’re still home, in our pajamas, but we’re off the couch…at least in short spurts. This “flu” has taken me to bed, made me ache, shake and sweat. I have begged it to stop… I will be relieved when it is finished with me…which isn’t just yet. I just spent 20 minutes lying on the kitchen floor trying to find a small piece of Lego under the fridge, and I am sweating. I’d rather be dancin’ – yeah! Even if it’s…disco? But for now, I’ll keep singing “Stayin’ Alive” from the couch! (OK, this one I looked up)