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Yesterday felt like Monday even though it was Tuesday, and I’m with Garfield…”I hate Mondays”. And if yesterday was Monday, what day is it today? I know it’s Wednesday, which is the busiest day of the week for me, but I still feel a little lost. Before I know it, the weekend will be here and I won’t have begun to catch up! Ever feel that way after a long weekend away?

Monday is usually grocery day, so Tuesday morning I headed out right after I dropped Little Guy at school. The cashier asked me “how are you today?” to which I replied, “It’s Monday…but on a Tuesday”. She smiled sweetly and added, “I hear you”! On the way home I noticed a bumper sticker on the car ahead of me. It said “Worse Mom”…why would anyone advertize such a message to the world? Don’t worry – I just got it wrong. It actually said “Horse Mom”…but the question plagued me again – why would anyone want to advertize that to the world? I guess I’m just in the small percentage of women who aren’t “ga-ga” over horses.

Groceries done and on to the next job…the stack of dirty dishes and empty cupboards to which I came home. Usually Hubby does the last minute tidy up the day I come home, which is fine with me. It’s his holiday too. Unfortunately he came down with the flu, which meant he most certainly did not feel up to a stack of dirty dishes. I am happy to report that we’re not using paper towels for plates or eating with our fingers…not that there’s anything wrong with that.

On the plus side, I had done a load of “essentials” on Thursday afternoon, and my lovely Mom tossed a few items in with her washing on the weekend, so the Laundry Fairy is in good shape. On the negative side, I usually clean the bathroom on Saturday, but I had been away and Hubby was sick…Scary room…

I survived the bathroom, I remembered to take Little Guy to karate, and Hubby washed the supper dishes…There were other disasters but for once, I had success cooking a T-bone steak. I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.