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I never realized before just how many red cars there are on the highway, particularly when I’m on the look out for a red car.

Big Guy joined me at my parents for Easter, so we decided to travel together for at least the first part of our journey toward home. But first, Big Guy needed to get gas, so we headed to a gas station by the highway. I don’t know how I got ahead of him, but I pulled into a parking space to wait…I was beginning to think I’d gone to the wrong gas station when he finally pulled into the lot. Then I think at least 3 red cars tricked me into thinking Big Guy was at the pumps, and when I could no longer spot a red car at the pump, I panicked, thinking he hadn’t seen me and gone without me. It was ridiculous to panic because I have made this trip more times than I can count since I moved to the city in 1995. I am very comfortable travelling either on the highway, or through the back roads, including all the times that I didn’t quite know where I was.

Most of the drive was uneventful, except when, once again, I somehow ended up way ahead of Big Guy (honestly, I don’t have a lead foot). I kept spotting red cars, but when they passed, the driver wasn’t a young guy in a ball cap with a red beard (a.k.a. Big Guy). I even had a red car catch up to me and pull in behind me…I waved, realizing too late that the driver was a woman, and her passenger was looking alarmed. Little Guy then piped up – “that’s not him”! Don’t you love backseat drivers?

We stopped for a potty break and snack half-way home, parting ways there because the traffic is heavier closer to the city and it gets harder to stay together. Big Guy left well ahead of us, though I did see him on the ramp heading to the highway. I made a quick call to Hubby to let him know where I was before heading out as well. I spent the second part of the journey watching for red cars, and they were everywhere. Guys are the stereotypical drivers of red car but I think I saw more female drivers.

Big Guy and I had travelled together at the end of March Break, stopping part way for a snack and then parting ways. I kept spotting red cars on that journey too, but with success. I passed Big Guy about 10 minutes from home, at least an hour after we had left the service centre. But this time I wasn’t so fortunate. It would have been great fun to pass him and see his face!

If red cars send the message that you’re sexy, speedy, high-energy, dynamic, then I’m glad I taught Big Guy how to drive. As for high-energy…well, they haven’t seen him first thing in the morning!