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Easter is a holiday that requires lots of family and lots of chocolate. It all started with a pair of ears on Thursday. I didn’t have time for lunch, so I grabbed and consumed half a chocolate bunny. I warned anyone who heard that, that if they made an unkind comment, the other bunnies in my possession would become unwitting victims too!

We survived the mass exodus from the city Thursday night and enjoyed a lazy Friday together with family…where I ate the rest of my bunny! But there were other bunnies. Last year my Dad won a giant chocolate bunny wrapped in gold foil. My Mom didn’t want to eat it all, so she smashed it with a hammer and froze it in multiple baggies! We melted one baggy-full and dipped strawberries and grapes in it for dessert. Little Guy enjoyed it immensely – he had it all over his face!

The Easter Bunny (“E.B.”) visited again Saturday night, and was required to “sample” some of the goodies before they were carefully wrapped and hidden in the living room. Little Guy had a great time “hunting” Sunday morning first thing, but…I think Little Guy ate most of his chocolate eggs…for breakfast. Oops! I should have paid closer attention.

It’s Monday, and we may or may not get to make mini chocolate bunny pops before we join the mass exodus into the city. Four days of chocolate – I think we’ve done very well!
How do you eat your bunny? Ears first? Toes? Tummy? I either eat the candy eye (if it has one), or the ears. The majority of chocolate bunny consumers admit they start with the ears …maybe because if you start to feel guilty, you can stop eating it and the bunny will still be alive…or it can no longer hear you sneaking up behind it, or lying that you didn’t eat it! Some sites say that those who nibble from the ears down are logical, not overly sentimental and complete things in a timely manner. But if you eat your bunny feet first, then you hold things dear, wear your heart on your sleeve, as well as possess a wonderful, child-like sense of curiosity. Tail-eaters are competitive and seek power. If you can’t watch as you slowly cannibalize your chocolate bunny, what about melting it, or freezing it and whacking it with a heavy object. I’m just saying – you could avoid a lot of unpleasantness that way.

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