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Fluffy, swirled, sweet creations in a pleated paper cup – both pleasing to the eye and pleasing to the palate. With or without sprinkles, just the thought of a cupcake, any size or flavour, makes me want to close my eyes and lick my lips. I can just picture it in my mind, peeling back the paper like a personal gift, and image biting into it, pink icing frosting my lips…Mmmm…What is it about cupcakes that charm us to nibble and savour, regardless of age, race, gender or size?

Originally I was going to write about my recent cooking disasters: Greek Crock-pot Stew with an overwhelming tomato flavour…or the Chicken-Feta Sauce that looked like baby vomit, and had no taste…but who wants to focus on the ‘yuck’ when one can focus on the ‘yum’?

After Morning Break registration yesterday, I called and picked up a friend to go out for a bite of lunch…on the way, we passed a new cupcake store in town. I didn’t even know we had a new cupcake store in town, and since I very rarely travel down main street, I could have been missing out on its delightful creations for far too long. It was closed…but after lunch and a quick emergency run to a grocery store, we cruised down main street again and the cupcake store’s neon sign said “OPEN”! Hang a right, swing around the block, park, and walk quickly and directly to said store! How could we pass up such an amazing opportunity to indulge? We had, after all, just consumed a relatively nutritious lunch and it was time for dessert.

It is a very small store painted in pink (is there any other colour when you’re selling cupcakes??), but she offered 8 different flavours, each one with a swirled dollop of icing on top! It was hard to choose between Key Lime, Double Chocolate, Black Forest, Lemon Delight, Super Fudge…I finally chose Coconut Crème…and it was divine!

The first commercial cupcake was made in the early 1900’s, and since 2004, cupcake sales have been trending higher every year. Is it that cupcakes are just for us – a little bit of sweetness and colour, and a return to childhood when we were happy and carefree? Is it the size – small enough to eat without overwhelming guilt while still satisfying our craving for something sweet? I may not understand the psychology behind our love for cupcakes, so whatever the flavour (in my new favourite place), I’m just going to indulge from time to time, and savour every bite when I do.