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Morning Break registration is today, and since you’ll probably hear about it from time to time, I should explain what it’s all about! It’s a women’s outreach ministry at our church. Ladies from all ages and stages, backgrounds, nationalities, and religions join us for an 8 week session, 2 sessions per year. They register for one class for the 8 Wednesday mornings. Class options include painting, stained glass, knitting, stamping/card making, and scrapbooking. We even had a car mechanics class one year and it was very popular! Half-way through each morning, we gather together for a coffee break and a devotional speaker. In the past we’ve looked at Bad Girls of the Bible, Overcoming the Giants in our Lives and so much more. This year we’re looking at Psalm 23. Our theme is “Don’t Be Sheepish”.

I’ve been teaching stamping/card-making now for 5 years. I was so nervous at my first class that I thought I was going to throw up. After a few sessions, I volunteered to speak during the coffee time. I normally describe myself as a painfully shy wall-flower, but for some reason I entered my grade school’s Public Speaking Contest every year from Grade 3 to Grade 8. Standing up in front of the whole school and competing against kids who were grades ahead of me, seemed exhilarating. Then I hit high school and I have been deadly afraid ever since!! So why I volunteered in the first place is a bit of a mystery. But I have come to enjoy the exercise of research and writing (kind of like now with researching and writing this blog). I joke that I’m still deadly afraid, but I’ve learned to overcome a lot of my fears…or I’ve just gotten better at hiding it, even from myself!

Last Fall, some how, I became the Chair of the committee that oversees Morning Break. It’s been 6 months and I still can’t figure it out how that happened…I’ve never even been on the committee! In addition to those responsibilities, I am the pretty (ha!) “face” at the front who starts off the coffee break time (welcome, prayer requests, announcements and the morning joke). So not only do I have to stand up in front of approximately 60 women twice a year, I now get to do it approximately 18 times a year…not counting the announcement I had to do recently on a Sunday morning. This session I’m also teaching 2 classes…at the same time. This should be interesting!

Looking back, I can see how God has been stretching me, but I still feel extremely inadequate for the task. Someone once said that often the best person for a position of leadership is the one who least wants it. I tried to find who said it, but when I searched for quotes about leadership, I was bombarded with many stunning and incredibly intimidating quotes about leadership, power, victory and success, from Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, General Patton…men who led in great conflicts that changed the course of history! I’m certainly not prepared to fight any great conflicts or change the world. But I am looking forward to seeing what God has in store.