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Hubby was very excited this weekend – it’s time to “suit up”! With the lovely weather, the trails have dried up and having just purchased a new “biking wardrobe” at a Sporting Show, Hubby was more than thrilled to plan his first biking excursion since late last Fall. I should clarify – I’m talking about mountain/off-road biking, as opposed to “on the road” cycling. Thankfully “suiting up” doesn’t mean spandex bike shorts – but he now owns proper bike shorts (i.e., strategically placed padding), a fancy shirt (i.e., breathable fabric so I can breathe when he comes home all sweaty), gloves, and a camel-back backpack (it holds a bag of water so his hands are free, and it has a straw so he can drink lots of water, and then pee in the bushes)!

Hubby became enthusiastic about biking last year, but I’m not sure if this is part of his mid-life crisis, or if he’s joined his brother. In any event, his body is starting to creak and groan, and he’s realizing, like the rest of us, he’s getting old(er). He’s 10 years ahead of me (I liked pointing out that I’m his young, hot wife…but with hot flashes around the corner, that expression is taking on new meaning). Who knows what I’ll be doing in 10 years! Maybe I’ll be interested in hurtling down dirt narrow paths, barrelling between trees, and getting lost in the woods too! I should also mention that he rides with his brother, and they like to hit the trails not long after the sun has risen! If I had my way, I wouldn’t consider rolling out of bed before 10 a.m. I enjoy sunrises…in photographs!

So far, he’s only had 1 major accident, and he walked away from it. It was a fast way to make his brand new bike look not so brand new! But with the exception of a few scuffs, it survived too. Hubby was bloody, muddy and scuffed as well, and very proudly showed me his wounds, with a big silly grin on his face. He asked me to take pictures and posted them on Facebook. I did! He lost the grin the next day when the adrenaline had worn off, and the pain set in. Still, he hasn’t been deterred.

So, Saturday afternoon he carefully packed his bags, wiped down his bike, and spent the night at his brother’s place, so they could get an early start. I spent Saturday night watching a Sandra Bullock movie, while writing 5 business blogs, doing 2 loads of laundry, organizing my music & stuff to copy at the church, making a card, and cleaning up from the workshop I’d taught that afternoon. The only difficult part of the evening was when I realized there was a spider on the ceiling, and Hubby wasn’t home to “defend me”. I can’t imagine what anyone walking by would have thought if they’d looked in to see a grown woman in her pjs, standing on a chair in the middle of the living room. I was spraying the spider with insecticide from a safe distance…but needed the chair to remotely reach said spider. I stayed on the chair for awhile since it escaped the fumes by swooping to the floor, and terrorizing me from below. Ugh!

Hubby bought his new bike last year – I learned more about bikes…than I probably wanted to know! We also bought a new bike for me – it’s white and sporty looking (I didn’t want an “old lady” bike…just yet). I haven’t been on a bike in probably 15 years, or more! I used to ride a lot – loved to hurtle down hills as a kid. I’ve taken a few headers too – my face broke the worst fall. I can say that I was on my bike last year – one time – for about 1 minute. I will endeavour to get out again soon, so I can ride with Little Guy (once he masters his fears and learns to ride too). In the meantime, I’ll leave the adrenaline rush to Hubby and let him enjoy his mid-life crisis without me!