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It’s Friday and I think we need a little foolishness, so here’s confession #2.

I love to sing out loud! I don’t know if I have a “good” voice or not (it’s certainly small and quiet like the rest of me…shh! Peanut gallery!) I have sung in public (not often though) and comments have ranged from “you have the voice of an angel” to “you shouldn’t sing”! So who was telling the truth, who was too nice or too critical, or who turned off their hearing aid?

When I was a kid, I loved to go outside, swing on my yellow wooden swing (that squeaked so badly my neighbour would oil it after I went to bed) and belt out “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. I guess I fancied myself as the next Judy Garland. I also practiced opera along with the theme song for Star Trek. To this day, my brother is convinced I did it just to bug him. That wasn’t the reason, but it makes me smile now to think about it. My Mom called me her “hummingbird” because I was always humming or singing, and my brother was her “robin” because he was always whistling. We’ve noticed our Little Guy hums or sings to himself when he’s happy – I love it!

You know those people in their cars whose mouths are going, heads are nodding, and hands are gesturing (when stopped at a red light, of course. Safety first)? Yup! I’m one of “those” people! I need music when I’m driving. The more stressed I am, the louder the music.

I’m trying to walk every day with my new ipod, but I find it hard not to sing out loud (you never know who might be around) or worse, start dancing too! Apparently I impressed the lady at the grocery store. I passed her twice in the aisles, and she was impressed that I knew all the words to “My Boyfriend’s Back”. I have an eclectic taste in music, and a great memory for lyrics and tunes. That memory means I can only enjoy a book once because I can remember how it ends. What I can’t always seem to remember is to take my purse with me when I dash out door!

Music has always been a big part of my life. I love the poetry of the lyrics, the expression, the cadence, the mixture of voices. Music can move me to tears or make me want to get up a dance (which is not a pretty sight)! I guess I just have to accept that I’m “one of those” people. It’s the weekend – let’s crank it up!