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It’s hard to believe the holiday is over, even after staying an extra day. The weather was certainly a pleasure (with the exception of a few thunderstorms rolling through and waking me up at night). And no, we didn’t spend the whole time watching TV – we also worked at my Grandparents’, shopped, visited Grandparents, and ate at the Chinese Buffet place! We also consumed several pots of tea each day! I especially enjoyed watching my boys “hanging out”. Big Guy let Little Guy and I try out his paintball gun, a first for me. We aimed at trees, not each other, and I hit everything at which I aimed. Yesterday we went for a walk along the river on the boardwalk…I even have pictures to prove it!

While the water is lower than it usually is this time of year, it’s still beautiful to see.

Little Guy loves running on the rocks along the path.

I love my boys

Big Guy even brought my Grand-hamster, Fidget, who enjoyed a run yesterday in her ball.  It was wonderful to have time together.