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Hubby is speaking at Career Day today, at Little Guy’s school. I thought about volunteering but I wonder if they’d accept “homemaker” as a career choice. Probably not! I’ve held different jobs – I’ve worked in a museum and a lingerie store. I have worked in a shelter for battered women, in a high school with high risk kids, on a sexual assault crisis hotline. I have been a receptionist and a legal assistant. I have met with clients, taken notes during trials, and organized forensic reports. I have seen and heard things would shock and horrify some people. During that time, I grew up and I shaped my skills in different ways. Since “retirement” (when Little Guy was born), I have continued to grow up and shape my skills. But I am more concerned with building a life than in building a kingdom.

What I struggle with most are the adults I meet who ask (1) what do you do? And once you answer that you’re “home with kids”, they ask (2) when are you going back to work? Yes, valid questions, but I take exception to the underlying tone that somehow I am an underachiever, a “taker”, a lazy person, or without value. I don’t have an issue with Moms who work, whether it is by choice or necessity. I had to work when Big Guy was little. But now I have a choice, and I see shaping a person as a far more difficult job than shaping a legal document. It’s more rewarding too! I don’t have a fancy house, a luxury car, or the latest fashions; I do have a home, a car that gets me from Point A to Point B, and one pair of sassy green boots that make me feel like a supermodel!

I realize my name (probably) won’t appear in world history books, but I know it will appear in my family history book. I can trace my family tree back to the 1700s – it’s mostly names and dates; occasionally there a few notes jotted down as well. Even though they are only names to me, they were once a living, breathing person to the next name on the list. While they are only a name to me, they represent a part of my heritage. Many of my ancestors served the Lord, and their faithfulness and their prayers have helped me to know and serve my Lord.

Some day I will be a name on a list…but right now I am a living, breathing person to the next names on that list. I still have a chance to affect the generation after me. I want to be known for far more than how many pairs of shoes I owned! I want there to be laughter, tender moments, and great joy. My desire is for my children to know and believe God (not just believe in Him), to give them wholeness and security, and to leave warm footprints for them to follow. I may not be an inspirational speaker at Career Day, but I endeavour to be an inspiration!