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Saturday’s adventure started with high hopes, and while it wasn’t a complete disaster, I’m not sure I can say it was a success either. But then, nothing ventured, nothing gained!

We made Chinese dumplings (or that’s what they were supposed to be)! Little Guy got a Kung Fu Panda book from the Library that was part story and part recipes…and he really wanted to try the dumplings.

The first step was to locate all the ingredients, which I did earlier in the week…I only had to go to 4 different grocery stores to find won ton wrappers, 5-spice powder, and rice vinegar! I ended up in a specialty grocery store, and I have to admit that there were a lot of food items there that I couldn’t identify…smells too. I felt like I needed a tour guide.

So Saturday afternoon I minced the onion and carrot, and cooked the ground beef. I don’t know if I was supposed to cook the beef…Hubby minced the cabbage because he couldn’t bear to watch me trying to cut it myself. Upon reflection, probably dicing with the carving knife was not my best choice of tools. He was sure I’d cut myself, and he’s probably not wrong (sadly)! Hubby mixed the ingredients (I measured) and he boiled the water.

The next step was to turn the stack of won tons and the bowl of filling into tasty dumplings. The instructions said to wet the edges of the won ton with water, so I put Little Guy to work. He used his finger to paint with water around the edges. I thought I could keep up with him, but I was very wrong. Won Tons are floured. Flour + water = a gummy mess. My fingers became very sticky and I had to keep wiping down the countertop. Little Guy quickly lost interest. I knew enough not to fill the won tons too full, but by the end (over an hour) I had one bizarre looking stack of mini stuffed rolls of dough.

The instructions said to boil a few at a time, and once they start to float, to cook them an additional minute. But they floated from the very beginning…so we guessed how long to cook them. The first few fell apart, so the water quickly became murky. The longer we boiled, the more “stew-like” it became. Little Guy tried one bite, and decided he didn’t like them. He also didn’t like leftover pizza, so he had chips and toast for supper, while watching Kung Fu Panda. I’m such a great Mom!

By the end, my cheeks were apples and my fingers were prunes. The windows on the main level were all steamed up. Needless to say, I didn’t take any pictures. My dumplings tasted good (except for those that were waterlogged) but they weren’t pretty! I think Hubby’s quote best sums up this adventure…”Honey, you have finally succeeded! I’m not hungry…Of course, I’m not really full either”.