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A friend of mine recently admitted that reading my blog during the week is her lunchtime “guilty pleasure”. What a wonderful compliment! According to the Urban Dictionary, guilty pleasure can be defined as “something that you shouldn’t like, but like anyway” or “something that you love to do, but you just cannot admit that you do it”. But this is kind of a contradiction in terms. If we really like doing something, we shouldn’t feel guilty about it, right?

Last night, along with millions of people, I watched the Oscars, in my pjs, cuddled up under a fuzzy blanket…with a bag of cheese & onion chips! Out of all the award shows on network television, this is the one show that I love to watch. It is the one night that I’ve asked Hubby to either watch it too, or find something else to do! It’s a guilty pleasure for me because of the sheer extravagance of the stars on one night, knowing that so many are living every day in abject poverty. But it is exactly the sheer extravagance – the glitz and glamour of Hollywood – that makes this such a guilty pleasure.

I don’t know if I have ever stopped before to figure out what else may be my guilty pleasure. When I was working, it was nail polish (but now I’m too lazy), large books to read on the train (but I no longer commute), and long hot bubble baths (I no longer take baths after that one time I got stuck in the tub…).

Let’s see…anything with chocolate…or cheese…chocolate cheesecake is out of sight! I also love a large hot cup of Tim Horton’s steeped tea. I have a hard time not buying patterned paper for my papercrafts…I have a huge stash that will take me decades to use. I have started to love shoes…particularly high-heeled shoes (fortunately I’m not working so I don’t have to stand in them for hours like I used to). Occasionally, I crawl back in bed after I take Little Guy to school (and lately, dare I admit this? Lately, I haven’t always changed out of my pj top before I head to the school). Occasionally, I also put on a chick flick, turn the TV around so I can see it from the dining room table, and I work on cards or a scrapbook. Last year, I set up a card table in the living room from January to April, and I worked on papercrafts at it with a portable DVD player…so I didn’t have to clean up (as often). Loud music in the car, especially when I’m by myself. And finally, I watch Grey’s Anatomy and Pan Am…online during the day, because Hubby won’t watch them – and we’re full circle. The Oscars is the one award show that I’ve asked Hubby to either watch with me or find something else to do. It’s way past my bedtime, but it’s my guilty pleasure. What’s yours?