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For any gentlemen reading my blog today, I have to put in a disclaimer. Every February I go for my annual bra fitting…and if all goes well today, that’s where I’m headed after my Dr’s appointment. I’m going to talk about it. So, unless you want a little education on the matter (and I promise I will keep it clean) – stop reading now!

For years (starting in Grade 5), I have struggled to find a comfortable bra. When you’re young, you want something pretty…but when you are “well endowed”, pretty isn’t practical. I cannot count the number of times that I have left the lingerie department in tears because I simply couldn’t find something I liked. I even worked in a lingerie store for several months (and learned some things I wish I could unlearn), and I learned how to properly fit bras, but never found a magic trick that worked for me. In fact, 75-80% of women are wearing the wrong size!

I finally broke down and went with a friend for a proper bra fitting. Lo! And behold! The issue was that I am not a standard, “off the rack” kind of girl. I was off by 6″ around the band (too big), and 4 cup sizes (too small)! No wonder I was always fidgeting! I was totally amazed at how knowledgeable these women were. After being measured, I was brought 5 different bras to try on. I put on the first one, the consultant checked it and could determine from there what might work best. She’d leave the dressing room, taking 2-3 of the bras she brought me (and I hadn’t yet tried on) and she’d return with a few more. In 20 minutes or less, I had a bra that fit like a dream!

I have noticed improvements in how I look when I’m dressed, in how I feel (fewer back and shoulder issues), and I’m sure in how I present myself in public (how embarrassing)! I go every year now because, let’s face it, my body is not the same size it used to be…and I’m sure it’s in for more changes! I know it costs more, but the return is SO worth it! If you don’t want to spend a lot or you’re too embarrassed, get a friend to help you. But honestly, a proper consultant is like a Dr….do you really think you have something they haven’t already seen?!?

For more information, check out http://www.007b.com/bra-fitting.php or conduct your own internet! So worth it!