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It finally snowed on Saturday, and it was mild enough to go out and make a snowman. So I dropped everything and out we went! It would have been even better if I could have found my new snow pants. I haven’t owned snow pants in over 20 years, so I bought some in October so I could play in the snow…and so far we’ve had a pretty snowless winter! Now I have a small snowman winking at me from the front lawn…and I will have to hunt for my craft buttons in the Spring once he’s melted!

3 loads of laundry later, and a few other assorted jobs, I started to bake brownies for Saturday night’s event. I did get more flour in the brownies than on me…honest! I’m not sure what happened, but these brownies took more than twice the amount of time to bake, and they rose like cake. I had to crank the oven temperature and check on them every 3 minutes because it was almost time to head out. That meant all the time I’d left to fix my hair and get dressed was spent running up and down the stairs between my bedroom and my kitchen. I lost count of the number of tops I tried on and I’m hoping what I ended up with, worked. My hair, on the other hand, went straight from the shower into a ponytail (I didn’t even take time to brush it). The brownies went straight from the oven on to a couple of trivets in the trunk of the car, the pan wrapped in newspaper. I out icing on at the church. At least one thing is predictable in my life…I have the gift of messing up baking!

I can finally say I did something new…Ok, I have bowled before, but that was many, many years ago. The Weekend Edition Group (20-60ish) at our church organized a bowling event for kids and adults. The kids played 5 pin and the adults played 10 pin. Wives and husbands could not be on the same team. When it wasn’t my turn, I got to hold a 7 month old baby boy with the biggest blue eyes. It’s been hard to relinquish my dream of more kids, so playing with little people really comforts that part of my heart.

Now, while I was not the top scorer (by any stretch of the imagination), I was amazed at how well I did! Ok, I got a lot of gutter balls (I seemed to send it down the middle and it would curve at the last minute…or it would ride the edge along the gutter half way down the lane before falling in) – I’m very talented! I even knocked them all down once…and of course, no one was looking. So I’m jumping up and down, and screaming…until I turned around and realized I was dancing on my own. Oops…that was embarrassing! But best of all, I had a hot pink bowling ball!

After bowling, we all went back to the church to gorge on pizza and lots of dessert. I may be walking funny for a few days, especially heading up and down stairs. By home time Saturday night, my left knee and right wrist were hurting, and my back was aching a little (although I really expected I’d be in traction after the first throw). Yesterday, my worst spot was not one I had anticipated…my rear end! I guess the lunging with the ball stretched my gluteus maximus! I had a really good time, but what a ‘pain in the butt’ – literally!