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Report cards came home last night, and little guy’s grades were about what we expected. Same with the comments. And it’s always nice to hear there have been improvements. After all, he’s only in Grade 1 and still likes school. This is good!

What would life be like if we got report cards on how we were doing as a spouse, a parent, or a friend? How would I measure up?

As a “housekeeper”, I probably wouldn’t get an “A” – although I know I wouldn’t get a “D” either. Our house is clean, but it also looks “lived in”! Our dining room table always has a stack of papers, magazines and craft supplies on it. The floor always has a few toys littering it here and there. Even when I do all the dishes, they start to accumulate faster than the dust bunnies under the piano. Most of the living room furniture is dark wood, which shows dust 5 seconds after it’s been dusted. And while I strive to stay on top of them, there are always crumbs somewhere in the house! But despite these negatives, it means that we have a warm place to be on a cold winter’s day & we have enough food to eat! The toys are a sign of a happy, creative child, and often they are left out because we didn’t have enough time to clean up before bed – we were too busy playing together! I’d rather have those reminders than a “picture-perfect” house any day.

As a wife, a parent, a daughter, and a friend…I think my grade would have to depend on the day! There are days when I willingly drop everything for someone else…and there are days when I’m a little more reluctant to do so! There are days when I can make sacrifices from my heart…and days when I develop a little grudge. I can be generous…or stingy, encouraging or discouraging, really organized or a complete mess! Raging teenage-like hormones aren’t helping or my lingering cold. Overall, my grade is probably somewhere in the middle, with areas where I need improvement. Comments might include: needs to play nicely with others, needs to improve attitude when in stressful situations, and needs to take the occasional break in order to have more to give others.

And finally, as a blogger…I’d say somewhere in the lower middle range. I do write 5 blogs a week, and my topics are hopefully of interest because they are certainly all over the map (see raging teenage-like hormones)! While I set out to try new things, I haven’t done much…but I have researched some new things (like Disco Days, or a cocktail/fashion show event – tickets cost as much as 2 weeks worth of groceries). I also have a list of things I’d like to try… I think I’ll put “eat chocolate” at the top of my list of things to do today. That way, I’ll get at least one thing done.

Maybe it’s better that life isn’t graded! We all have times when we’re doing better than others. Circumstances (and hormones – have I mentioned hormones?) can certainly throw us ‘for a loop’ too. And my personality leans heavily toward perfectionist, so if I was always living for a good grade, I might forget to just live! Better to just say “there’s room for improvement” and be satisfied! How many blessings, how many laughs, how many memories would I miss out on otherwise? Too many!