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After all this reading and talking about Valentine’s Day, I decided that maybe I should try a little harder. If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, I may have succeeded. I cooked a prime rib roast beef dinner, complete with baked potatoes and glazed carrots, served on the good china (yes, Hubby noticed I used the good china for my ladies’ meeting and since complained he doesn’t get to use it – we used it)! We sipped poor man’s champagne (gingerale) from fluted champagne glasses (Little Guy managed to spill his on his food, but he had already decided he had eaten enough and was ready for dessert). Dessert was coconut cream pie (sorry – not homemade)! Little guy really liked the candles too!

But before Hubby was home and supper was served, I slipped into one of my 2 little black dresses (dress #1 should be given away – I can zip it up, but I don’t think I can sit down safely…it’s just so nice to see that little number on the tag…) And for a splash of colour, I wore my sassy red heels. I have coveted a pair of red heels for years, never buying because they aren’t “practical” – last year I decided to forget practical and I went shopping! Maybe I was starting my mid-life crisis and I just didn’t realize it at the time. Whatever the case, I really like my sassy red shoes! I felt like a 1950’s wife, standing at the sink washing dishes in my black dress and pearls, and I was OK with that. A 1950’s wife “took care” of her family, and I really do like taking care of my family! Enjoy the TLC…just don’t get too used to all the extra fuss.

Big Guy got a big gold star today too – he called his mother just to wish her a “Happy Valentine’s Day”! Ahhh…..

I read an email from my Mom this morning. She spent part of Valentine’s day with a friend, cleaning out closets and cupboards at my grandparents home. They are settling into the retirement home, although still have moments when they wonder when they are going home. They attended a Valentine’s party, and were pooped by the time my parents arrived, with flowers, for a visit. Mom shared that she also picked up a new phone for my grandparents. Their phone has died and they have been using one of my parents’ phones…but Grandma is so used to a portable phone, that she keeps pulling the borrowed one off the dresser. When I read that, I had a fabulous laugh (out loud – which doesn’t happen often) – I’ve done it too! Love my family!