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It’s Valentine’s Day, and I am wearing my traditional black. It’s a tradition that started in high school. My friends and I pretended we didn’t care; we were going to balk this holiday of “love” by being Anti-Valentine’s Day. In fact, had I known there was a song called “Love Stinks” in high school, it would have been my theme song! But secretly we each wanted a special someone to love, and to be loved in return. Sad really, that we didn’t just celebrate our friendship instead. I guess you could call us “hopeless romantics”.

I searched “define “hopeless romantic” and found a plethora of material. So I picked the two that I liked best from the Urban Dictionary:

“A hopeless romantic is not the same as a hopeless flirter. A hopeless romantic dreams of who they will spend the rest of their life with and what the two of them will do together. They want to be romanced with sweet simple things and thoughtful amazing surprises. They dream of being loved but also loving somebody. They don’t just want somebody to hold them; they also want to hold someone. They realize that love isn’t just about one person but both people. They are hopelessly in love with being loved and loving back.”

“A hopeless romantic is a person who believes in all the little things about love, despite painful burns and heart shattering scenarios. And even after all this, deep inside won’t give up on the idea that true does exist. A well intentioned heart who seems to find love in all the wrong places but who’s heart never spoils.”

Last week, Hubby & I saw a casting call ad for The Bachelor (sorry, we don’t watch it!), and Hubby piped up: “you should tell them why you deserve love”. What a goof! We both had a great laugh (we’ve been married almost 15 years and he still makes me laugh). I guess I might as well admit it – I’m a hopeless romantic (or maybe I’m just getting mushier in my old age).

Whatever the case, while I’m still wearing black, I’m planning a special dinner for my family, complete with coconut cream pie. Hubby has even entered the spirit of the day and surprised us with chocolate roses made by a lady where he works.

I helped Little Guy carefully pack his valentines for his friends (I forgot I had to get something to put in the boxes, so dashed to the Dollar Store before school got out yesterday. I did remember my purse. I also got lost trying a shortcut to the library before heading to the school. I ended up in a neighbourhood I didn’t belong – each house had a minimum of 2 garage doors, and I kept waiting for security to pull over my filthy “soccer-Mom-esque car” with a happy face drawn in the dirt on the passenger door, because I obviously didn’t belong there! It was a nice neighbourhood!!). I know he’ll have lots of fun today!

Maybe Valentine’s Day is meant more for the young, the old, and the foolish. Maybe now that I’m getting older, I can let the “hopeless romantic” out, and it will be OK. But I’m still wearing black!!!