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Today has been a busy day and it’s far from over! I taught a card class this morning, and will be hosting a committee meeting, with dinner tonight. So I was going to write about (and even researched) setting the perfect table…but really, who cares?!? I’m not Martha Stewart. It looks really nice…I’m using my good china, my good “silver”, my tea cups, candles, pretty napkins…voila!

So what changed my mind? I found a treasure when I was cleaning yesterday. Remember the old expression, “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure”. When I was helping clean up Big Guy’s place, he decided to get rid of his cassette tape/cd player so I brought it home. I miss music in the living room. Music has always played a huge role in my life… I have a box full of cassette tapes from my teenage/college years and so many of them are associated with memories, good and bad. Listening to them is like reconnecting with a long-lost friend. For one thing, I was spending a lot of time in my car and I always have music on in my car! I finally plugged it in yesterday afternoon when I was cleaning (I forgot how much more fun housework can be with music)! There was still a cassette tape in the machine (Steven Curtis Chapman)…it took me back to 1994-1995.

The first song was Burn the Ships. It was based on a historical event. In 1519, Cortez sailed to Mexico. After a time, some of the settles wanted to return to the homeland, so Cortez burned the ships. I listened in the car with Big Guy on the day we moved out of my parents’ place, and headed to the BIG CITY. My car was packed to the top, and my parents followed us in a rented van. We stopped and had a picnic at the rest station half-way to my new apartment. My aunt and my boyfriend (yup, Hubby now) were waiting when we finally arrived. My Mom stayed overnight that first night – it was so good to have her there! I was 22 (Big Guy was 5) and it was time to “burn the ship” and start our new life.

Another song reminded me of a devotional I led at a camping trip just before the move. I was the quietest person in the group, and yet I was the only one willing to step up and lead. A few others Big Guy and I sang at the top of our lungs in the car on our way to visit my parents…it’s a 2 ½ hour drive. I’ve done it so many times now, I think my car knows the way and I’m just along to keep it company! And still another was the song Hubby & I danced to at our wedding!

I can’t wait to pull out that box and dust it off. There are a lot of “old friends” that I want to visit. After all, it’s in looking back, that I can see how far God has brought me.