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As I am writing this, I am consumed by the savoury smell of my homemade lasagna sauce. I’m not an exceptional cook (I’m not even sure I can be classified as a good cook) but there are a few recipes that I have mastered, and that I like to pull out for special occasions! This recipe is one of them – a homemade bolognese sauce filled with of fresh, hearty vegetables – red and green pepper, carrot, celery, zucchini…my mouth won’t stop watering.

This afternoon I’m pulling out my great-grandmother’s short cake biscuit recipe (I decided that was easier than my favourite low-cal cheesecake recipe). My strawberries are frozen, but they were picked by my Grandma, so they will be nearly as sweet as when she first picked them.

But first, I’m going to enjoy a spot of tea! One of Hubby’s colleagues brought some back from Harrod’s. The kettle is starting to boil, and I’ve already pulled out a fancy teapot and a china cup and saucer. If you’re going to drink tea, drink it right! I think I’ll try the Ceylon tea first.

I received an encouraging email from a friend this morning. She shared that in honour of yesterday’s blog, she was going to indulge in something chocolaty when she got home from work last night. In honour of yesterday’s blog, I indulged in something chocolaty this morning. I guess great minds think alike?

I know I’m focusing a lot on food this week, but I think it’s because I’ve been so focused on hibernating, and the choices for that are eating or sleeping! I can’t sleep all the time (well, I could but I shouldn’t!!) I decided a few years ago that if I’m going to get old and fat (which will happen sooner or later…but promise to keep fighting it…at least the fat part), I’m going to do it eating only the things I love! Who’s with me?