I hope you had a good weekend…I did, but I’m tired out now. My parents made it to our place despite the snow, but we delayed our departure to big guy’s house until Saturday morning. Of course, it was still snowing then too, but we went any way!

My parents were privy to the phone call I got from big guy after school on Friday…he’d had his first car accident. It was more of a fender-bender and no one was injured; he wasn’t even at fault. The most upsetting part was that he realized after the accident that his insurance slip was expired…a few phone calls got that sorted out. He’s covered but the insurance co. forgot to mail a new slip! The next step was to find a reporting collision centre – that was pretty easy! Then the phone call to make sure he had all the documentation he needed, and a terrifying moment when he thought his license plates were expired (keep in mind, this is the day after his birthday when they would have been due). I suggested he check the number on the sticker on the plate…and it’s not due until next year. I’ve made a note on my calendar to check these things with big guy after the summer! My heart got an aerobic workout.

I’ve teased big guy that my grand-hamster lives in a cleaner environment than he does. It took us all a few hours to get his house in order – mostly empty cartons and water bottles, and dirty dishes strewn between the kitchen and living room. We also did 3 loads of laundry (he has at least 3 yet to go!) and made a quick trip to the Dollar Store (I love the dollar store) for some containers to help him stay organized. I won’t mention the bathroom! Little guy and I stayed overnight, so big guy and I got to watch a movie and snack, just like old times!

We visited my brother and his family Saturday afternoon and my nephew took little guy tobogganing. They came back just as the wind whipped up, creating white-out conditions. But that’s not why they came back early…my nephew got a reminder why you should wear a helmet when snow boarding. We didn’t know he had taken his snowboard, especially since he has an injured elbow too. He fell off the snowboard hitting his head, before getting hit on the other side by the snowboard. Ouch! He was very quiet during dinner at Boston Pizza to celebrate big guy’s birthday. I’m going to have to walk for a week…but it was SO good! And I did make sure our waitress knew it was a birthday party, so big guy was serenaded and given a lovely dessert (which he shared)!

On Sunday I met “the girlfriend” – sounds ominous but it was really okay. She’s a lovely girl. I have worn many “hats” in my life, and I’m not sure I’m quite ready for “mother-in-law”, but the decision isn’t up to me. I’ve always told big guy that “forever is a very long time, especially if you’re with the wrong person”, so I’m not going to worry about it…for now! We celebrated the birthday again with cupcakes I had baked and little guy had helped decorate with Smarties, and an assortment of flavoured chocolate chips. Yummy!

I went to bed last night with good intentions for Monday morning…isn’t there an expression, “good intentions make good bed fellows”? That doesn’t sound right… The point is my good intentions went back to bed with me after I took little guy to school. It’s almost time to get him from school, and my biggest accomplishments today are getting dressed and getting him to school in the first place. I will have to aim much higher tomorrow! Happy Monday!