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Living in the city, particularly around our school, I’ve seen lots of crazy driving and parking! I won’t even get started on the school!!

I was a Tim’s one evening this week and couldn’t believe what I saw! As I pulled in the driveway, I had to pull around a little red car. The driver had backed it into a parking space, albeit crooked. The funny part was that it was only backed in half way…the entire front end of the car was still in the roadway…and there was no driver in sight. I backed into my space further down and I watched (and laughed out loud). Every person who walked by that car stopped in their tracks and stared – they pointed, they frowned…they were just as confused as I was!

I know I’m not the best driver, and that before little guy started at his current school, I would avoid backing into a parking space at any cost. Now, out of necessity, I have learned to back into parking spaces, and get it right the first time (I’m very proud of this accomplishment). I see lots of people at the school take a few stabs at it to get the car lined up, and that’s fine with me…but to not even make it into the space and off the road? That’s just crazy!

Application: Sometimes you have to take a chance at something new or difficult; you may even have to go at it a few times until you get it right. But for goodness sake, don’t stop half-way and leave yourself in the road to get hit. Go all the way or try a new approach! Don’t be afraid…and don’t forget to laugh out loud once awhile (even at yourself)!