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It’s hard to believe the weekend is already over! There was no school on Friday, so little guy and I enjoyed our PJ Day immensely. We were very lazy and wore our pjs all day. It got even better when Hubby offered to pick up supper…and he picked up a DVD player and an HDMI cable too, which means I have no more excuses for not starting my yoga program. I got a few things done this weekend (like laundry and chipping the ice out of the freezer chest), but mostly we just puttered. I still have the sniffles (and my cold medication is making me sleepy) so it was great!

I read an article on the weekend from a Maclean’s magazine called “Planning a Better Mid-Life Crisis“. The author, Scott Feschuk, wrote “So I’m having my mid-life crisis now – and so far it consists of struggling to decide what to do…people judge you on the originality and quality of your crisis. It’s like a science fair for middle-aged people”. Mr. Feschuk goes on to examine the clichéd mid-life crisis for men: 1) buying a sports car, hair dye and Viagra (“please pretend I look young and cool”); 2) recapturing youth through sports (he tried a pickup hockey game, and ended up vomiting on the bench); 3) extramarital affair (which violates the sanctity of marriage, inflicts emotional distress, and he concluded, is way too much work); 4) pursue selfless dedication to others (deeply honourable but boring); 5) seeing a shrink (imbuing yourself with a sense of depth); and, 6) blame others for failing (a load off).

If those are the clichéd male mid-life crisis, what would a female mid-life crisis look like )or are we all destined to become crazy old bats wearing red and purple)? Do we all have an “Eat, Love and Pray” moment? I’m not prepared to spend my days sitting around meditating (I can’t sit still that long – I think I have AADD – Adult Attention Deficit Disorder…I’ll explain another day). And I’m not interested in eating my way through Italy or having a fling in Bali (though I’d love to travel). Nip and tuck? Not interested in that either.

I “googled” it – and nearly every article examined the physical manifestations and the psychological reasons behind mid-life crisis. Frankly, they were boring and depressing…hormonal chaos, depression, restlessness, and a psychological siege forcing us to re-evaluate our lives and ask intense questions. But does this state of mind have to be all bad? Couldn’t it partly be a second chance at becoming the person we really want to be, and not the direction we simply fell into? I can already see that I’m not the same person I was 5 years ago…and I’m curious to see how I will turn out in the end?

Middle age is coming, and there’s nothing I can do about it. So with every breath I take, and every move I make (even if I’m struggling to get into a yoga pose), I want to learn to laugh, and laugh harder. The more self-deprecating, the better (I provide lots of inspiration for laughter). It certainly beats those alternatives…Attitude is everything.